Finally some internet to chew... sort of...

As a temporary measure I now have wireless prepaid stuff from Vodafone. Took me a phonecall of 10 minutes to actually active it all... *SIGH!!!!* Thank goodness the first batch is 400 MB to spill! This'll keep me going... True lasting internet will come in about 2 months. (new service that I know off...............)

Moving day moved... lol!

Well, they moved the moving day: 18th of November... gives me more time to fill the boxes and throw away my tail and paws! (just kidding bout the tail and paws! hahaha!)

Naah, just throwing away stuff that I no longer use, like old magazines and stuff.... an echo is now hearable! :)

Moving time...

Yes, exciting time! I'll be moving to another homey home! Situated in Harderwijk, the Netherlands (you can google it if you want!)

Movingday: the 4th of November...... really hope I'll be connected right away then to the net!
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Chance of a lifetime!

Well, let's start at the very beginning: the have a dolfinarium here in holland. OK? Got that? In that park you have a special program called Closer to dolphins. Got that too? Allright, let's move along. It is also very expensive but that won't holded me back to participate! You are been pulled into a wetsuit and together with a few others you go to the lagoon there where you can actually touch and feed the dolphins there (that's in a nutshell) But man, I did not knew that those animals were so smooth! Very very VERY smooth! To give you a clue: it feels like a wet rubber cloth. Yeah, it's THAT smooth! But you have to watch out for their teeth cuz they are sharp, very very sharp!

To keep things short: it was awesomely amazing. To see them that upclose! It was just plain awesome! Only too bad that the program is so very expensive: above €125,- They surely have to lower the price so I can participate again.

Just awesome! The program takes just 2,5 hours and it flies away! Acted out a few behavours like leaps and corkscrews. Do this too and you'll never forget this ever again!