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Well, I survived Ef 2012 and looking forward to EF 2013 for even more fluffehnezz! Can't already wait... *wags tail heavily*


Less than a month to go and then it's party time! EF is just around the corner and this time I'm planning to bring my TWO suits along (you probably know which ones, if you know me by now hahaha!)

And now let's see here: for the food exchange I have to bring along a pack of stroopwafels (syrup waffles), I got a very cool swedish fur rooming with me (swedes are awesome!), I still have to buy an extra battery charger (cuz yeah, lotta photos for the con!)... ah and traintickets ofcourse!!

Sooooooooo........................... this August is gonna be one busy month and I STILL HAVE TO PRINT OUT THOSE DOORSIGNS! dang!

Two times SPAM on LJ...

Gawrsh! For the SECOND time I had SPAM in my mailbox on LJ... Don't they have something better to do? And FOXALANCE: Y U SO ASSY?

Back with news!

Well, here we go again: long time no journal posting but this time I've got some great news to tell ya... seems my raccoon suit is finally getting underway, and man... want a raccoonsuit so badly! Cuz yeah, raccoons are the best (but wolves too hehehehehe)

Also thinking bout changing fursona altogether, cuz lately I feel more coon than wolfox (to be honest)

Maybe a small post this time, but hey: better this than nothing right?

Well, here we go again...

Still a couple of months to go but maaaaaaan, do I look out for EF 2012! Can't hardly wait to bounce around again in that awesome hotel in Magdeburg! (yeah yeah I know. Bit too early but hey, I can dream can I?)



Well, finally after so many times I'm finally back to post some news. As you well know, I had a partial suit, but now the body is finally taking shape, making this partial a FULL suit. I will post piccies asap!

My suit is getting an UPGRADE!

Well, almost... normally it's a PARTIAL but I found some very friendly folk who wants to finish my partial and turn it into a FULL suit!

And the wolf is back!

I dunno how it's possible but I'm back on LJ!

Had already several fursuit outings with my fursuit done and I really like it.


Got my allnew fursuit and: IT'S DONE! Gonna snatch it up tomorrow! :3

Writer's Block: Transmogrified

If your parents were transformed into their true animal spirits, what animals would they be?